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My flowers

And completed a dahlia in the new French papers.

Finished a bouquet of dogwoods. Took around 6 hours in total but I am so happy with it.

So this is the next flower I have made and I am delighted. I waited for my mum to send me some paper from France and the colour and quality was much better than the papers I had for the dahlia. I am looking forward to re doing the dahlia and trying the rose next. I plan to make a bit arrangement of the dogwoods for my winter vases.

I loved making the dahlia. I wasn't happy with the colours I had to use as the crepe paper here in Denmark in the mainstream craft shops was a bit gaudy. My mum is getting me some more delicately coloured stuff from France this week to send over. She is going to a big craft store called Cultura, which is amazing if you are able to get to one.

I learnt a lot about how to make this better next time and I was surprised how easy I found the glue gun.

More pictures on my blog -


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