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My first year as a Londoner

Hey all,

My name is Arif and I am a second year undergraduate student in UCL majoring in Chemistry. Here is my take on the scavenger hunt on a city similar to New York but almost half a world away, in London, United Kingdom.
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Complementary Colors:

For this shot, I went to the street photography playground of London, which is the London Underground. I luckily sat opposite to them and when this came out, I just had to snap it.
You can see the yellow color of the jacket complement the color of the "Have you tried us for Foreign exchange?" sign colored yellow as well on the train.
You can also see the blue color of the other person's jacket complements the color of the handrails.


Vanishing points:

For this, I went to the London Underground again. You can see the symmetrical elements just come to the photo by itself.
This was done when I managed to put my camera on one of those yellow rails, which I found out that in terms of the architecture, was exactly in the middle. 



One thing that Steve mentioned when taking pictures that involved scale was COMPOSITION. I went to the London Bridge for this beauty, and I was lucky enough to find this weather that gave me that perfect even light I was looking for.
I shot it on the lower level to include the compositional elements that Steve was mentioning, giving the picture a fuller sense. You can also see that I have put the Shard in one third of the photo following the RULE OF THE THIRDS


Light source:

For this shot, I also went to the London Underground again. Once again, the Underground is my absolute favorite spot for shooting. This is where I honestly find my true sense of creativity and I find hundreds of different moments that I can capture. 
This one also plays out with motion too. For this, I went on with a pretty high shutter speed but I bumped up the ISO a bit too to balance out the higher shutter speed.
During post processing, I went down with the highlights to bring that ummph that Steve always talks about. I wanted my viewers to see what I saw during that moment, which was the train going through them and the motion that was involved during then. 

Hope you enjoy my shots. 

Once again, if you ever come to visit London for a shootout, please let me know via the Instagram DM.

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