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My first watercolour painting

So the last time I painted with watercolours I was about 11 years old.

I thought I'd give it a go so I can paint cute wee illustrative roses on my lettering projects.... ummm turns out I love it and now I just want to paint!!!

My Koi watercolour palette arrived yesterday. I used three Pentel water brushes (which I bought for brush lettering) and a #6 round watercolour brush. They are my only brushes - Monday I am going brush shopping!!!! I struggled without a small details brush.

I'm doing this class along with another beginners class an a watercolour intro....

My rose sketches:


My first go at flowers, my new paints and brushes last night - kind of a wet on wet approach - I think I overdid them!


My next attempt this morning was better! Illustrative bouquet. I'm not very imaginative so copied a lot of Amarilys' painting:


And one more this afternoon - I LOVE the illustrative style - inspiration from Pinterest:


When I get some white ink I will try the vintage style.

Such a great class! I had so much fun. Thank you Amarilys for giving me some direction and confidence to just jump in :)

I think I struggle with knowing when a piece is finished. Have I overdone it - or does it need more?? Hopefully I figure that out in time.


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