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My first venture into Processing...

Been working my way slowly though the guides and started my first project on Friday.

I added a few landscape svg files i drew in Illustrator.

After a few trys something interesting started to happen.

Using the "HShapeLayout" and changing the colour pallette around i started to create a floating scape on a sky blue bg.

Scape 1 

I intended to create a landscape with a heavy base that then slowly thinned out as it got higher.

Scape two 

Here are some of the black and white svg's


I ended up with 11 svg assets 

Scape 4

This above i realised looked a bit like a tree top.

So using a little bit of creative licence i exported it into Photoshop and them layered in trunk!


Low and behold we have a Tree!

Let me know what you think?


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