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My first try at substantial eyecolor

So I've been trying new makeup techniques, and am slowly learning with product samples and tutorials. I am really excited to be participating in this class. I was never taught how to wear makeup, and want to wear it the right way, accenting my best points. 

I LOVE this tutorial. Nice and slow, very descriptive, and describes what she is doing and why she is ironing it. And I must say my makeup turned out fantastic!

live never been comfortable using makeup under my eyes w except for really special occasions because I was never comfortablit with how it looked. And eyeshadow under my eyes? Forget it. No way. Not EVER before today did it look good. And the real shocker? It didn't take me any longer than my usual makeup routine!

I learned a lot from this tutorial and am excited about more to come. I am absolutely thrilled with my look and I felt confident wearing it. Pure awesomeness!!!!


For my second look i was altitude more intimidated. But I tried it anyway!

Picture with NO MAKEUP:


Then I added primer, concealer, foundation and blush:

Here's my completed look. This took me a while!

Finally added some jewelry and finished my hair. More makeup than I'm used too, but I looked good!

I wouldn't wear this much makeup for a typical day, but definitely for a special occasion!

Thank you SO MUCH for the tutorials, I've already learned a ton and am finally comfortable with everyday under-eye makeup!


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