My first try Color Correcting!

My first try Color Correcting! - student project

Hey guys!

I did not have any old projects of mine so I used the one that Fred provided :)


It was really fun actually, starting to understand how the color works, so what I did:

- On a technical level I just lowered the Lift until the darkest part of the waveform slightly touched the bottom and then increased the Gain until I saw everything clearer, then I lowered the Gamma a little bit (I do not know why hahaha just felt that looked better). Also Increased the contrast a bit to separate more the background from the subjects and finally made a mask on the person of the left to match the other one.

- The only creative choice that I made was purposely adding a little green on the Gain and the Gamma, because I wanted to give that of Suspense feel (at least in my opinion).

Here are my results!


My first try Color Correcting! - image 1 - student project



My first try Color Correcting! - image 2 - student project

I hope it is passable at least for my first one! I will keep practicing hahaha


Thanks Fred for the class! It was really clear, you are a great teacher!