My first three books

Hey everyone,

My name's Melissa and I'm from Ontario. I started this class last week, but it was only after this weekend that I finished making my first three books, so I thought I would share them with you!

There are a lot of things I learned over the process and while I think these look really cool, I bet my new ones will be infinitely better.

I had a few problems through the process, but they were all diue to lack of experience.

The main problem is that (while you can't see here) my covers are very thick. I think my next project, I'll try a smaller board and maybe try to wrap it around the whole book (to cover the spine as well). Not sure how it will work, but it's worth a try. 

The second is that I used too much glue on some of the covers. I managed to smooth out the peacock one with a bit of work (I tore a bit on the back, but covered it with a sticker), but the brown tree one ended up with lots for bubbling from the glue. I should have paid more attention to the 'lightly glue' part of the lecture.

The last problem I had is that I am not great with measuring. I had a good pile of paper to make my blocks, but I never realized how much milimeters (or 1/16 of inches) matter in something so exact. I had to do a lot of trimming afterwards to make sure things lined up alright.

My materials were pretty simple; I used white cover stock for the pages and some coloured paper (red and black) for the endpages. The covers all all made of Eska board and scrapbooking paper. I used Duck Tape for the spines and just some cheap double sided tape I had lying around. I cannot understate how much the cutting board was worth my money. I wish I had bought a larger one, as full sheets are rather tight on the one I bought (it's about 9' x 12).

Overall, I had a ton of fun on this and am looking forward to more in the future. I'm excited to try smaller books as well to match the one's I've made so far, but we'll see what happens.

Thanks Caleb! This was a ton of fun and I learned a lot! Cheers.


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