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My first ten days...


Day One.

Today I noticed a small plant growing from a crack in the entry of my house, it got my attention not only by the fact that I didn't notice before but also for the fact that it is growing against all odds thru concrete. 

I had a rough day at work and I was feeling already exhausted I just wanted to get in my house to finally get some rest however seeing the plant there made feel hopeful, it made me smile. I started thinking on how nature works, how is it possible to grew life in adverse conditions? it wasn't easy for sure but somehow the plant made it and there I was complaining for having a rough day. What is "rough" anyway? Don't get me wrong I try my hardest not to complain, how can I complain if I have everything? For starters I have a job, I can complain of having a bad day at work because I have a job, because I'm healthy enough to wake up every morning and work.

Finally after staring at it for almost 2 minutes I entered my house with a different perspective, a more grateful one, perhaps? 

I thought starting this challenge was going to be easier since I always love writing, however I don't have any professional background (I'm an engineer) and English is not my first language (I'm from Mexico) but it feels good, actually, it feels great to stop, to stop and realize there is so much more than falling into a daily routine, to stop and appreciate life and all the blessings we have.

- Coral Arratia

Day Two.

Today I noticed I have chemistry with one of my coworkers. Not all chemistry has to be about "love", right? I think we tend to asocciate chemistry with a loving relationship or with a loving feeling which is not.

It is really hard to describe chemistry, it is something you just feel, when you talk and when you spend time with another person it is just there, you just "click", you don't have to say much or do much you are just comfortable, even if you have different opinios your ideas just fit into the conversation. It doesn't happen often at least to me, but you just know when it happens. 

I love the idea of having someone you can talk with, someone who will listen to you and won't judge you, kind of funny how sometimes that person is not the person you have a relationship with, sometimes you need someone from an outside perspective and from a "neutral" zone. I think we all need that one person in our lives, someone who feels like home away from home.

- Coral Arratia.


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