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My first steps with AI

Hi Everybody,

OMG ! I need to improve my english !

I'm french and I live in Paris.

Before this class, I've never used Illustrator, I draw from time to time with my daughter.

In my everyday life, I never use the English.

So, this course seems a bit difficult to address.

I do not understand everything Brad says in his videos. So I have to watch them several times.

Fortunately, the videos made by Brad are carried out and its didactic approach is very convenient.

My first goal by following this training is to keep practicing and training : Introduction to Surface Design: Creating and Mixing Patterns by Jenna Frye.

(08/05/13) For my first project, I choose this Ad from a french shoes brand.

It seems very simple at the first look. I had done the exercise several times.

1) Here is the first step with The Pen Tool (08/06/2013)

Now, I need to refine with The Convert Anchor Point Tool (next step)


 2) Second step : (07/08/2013) cut corners using The convert Anchor Point Tool & the Direct Selection Tool.

For me, my drawing is too sharp.

The task is rather difficult. Rounded are very subtle.

For colors, I had to change the order of layers. I had not done my tracks in the correct order.

Third step : (08/14/2013) rounded corners and change colors



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