My first solo trip!

My first solo trip! - student project

As the bus station witnessed its usual chaos of people and kissing goodbyes,
there I stood, constantly rechecking my packing list, not hoping for the unusual miss,
a little more restless than others, concealing my excitement deeper as I tightly clench my duffel to my chest,
waiting to board, under the bright midnight moonlight.

The journey, as long as my beauty sleep, this time made me wide awake,
extremely conscious of my surroundings, living my first solo travel, whilst I had nothing to partake.

Oh dear God, the sun shone, brought my weary self, a lot to hold,
a destination waiting to be checked off my bucket list and
my fears finally leaving me to adore its beautiful hues.

I felt as light as a freshly fallen leaf, swaying away,
all set to decide the direction of its flow with the mighty wind.

I inhaled freedom and exhaled my inhibitions as my quest finally started to unwind,
like a sense of responsibility and being on my own, with only and only my self to own.