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Agnieszka Kobylinska

Surface pattern designer



My first pirates!

Hi guys,
seeing all the amazing work here made me wonder if I should show mine, but you know, I was always wondering HOW illustrators make their characters look so good and now I know! And I'm so happy with it and so grateful for this class that I just can't hide it. So here are my pirates, my first AI/PSD illustrations ever :)

1. Inspiration board - I was searching a bit, but I think my main inspiration were characters from Assasin's Creed: White flag, as my husband was playing this game not so far ago ;)

2. Sketches - 1st one was made directly on the computer, but it's not very natural process for me, so the 2nd one started in my sketchbook :)

3. Shapes -> just some random colours ;)

4. Rendered and recoloured images! Yay! :)


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