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My first personal business card

Hi, everyone!

At last, my third project is here on my lovely skillshare.

1. In the first place, I start to experiment in illustrator


But very soon I understood that results weren't ok, and started to make sketch on my sketch book.

Then I selected variants which I liked and continued my work in Ai.


I chose the most clean and minimalistic idea and decided to make double-sided card with the same information. (I think it's very usable) And some experiments with color



2. Next task is to create text trying to play with font.

Here I decided to make something cool and spend more time working with text composition. And here is my final version of 2 tasks:


3. And my last work in this project is the word “infographic”. I made a decision to make it using shapes of charts, pay-charts etc.


Thy to improve letters and change color for more "chart"-style


And here is my final version of the infographic


This is the end of my project. It's really hard for me. I've never thought it's so hard to work with tupography. After this work I like this area of design more and try to use new skills in my daily work.

Thank you, Ellen for amazing class. Thank you, everyone.
I'll be happy to read your feedback.

P.S. It's just a template, phone number and web adress aren't mine))


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