My first pattern

This is the very first time I worked in Illustrator. But the project sounded so much fun that I couldn't resist trying. I have got so excited that on the stage of gathering inspiration began to pay close attenstion to every pattern on my way, whether it is someones scarf or pretty book cover. Most of my sketches are based on my granny's book about useful plants. I have no scanner, so, here's a photo of some pages:


Then I've started sketching. I am not very good at it. I am sorry:


That's what it looked like after importing sketches and trying my best lo make them look more or less good. Eventually I have got rid of few of elements which I thought don't really fit in.


After that I've made the palette:


And here is the result I am pretty happy about.


And using different colour combination:


I still have lot's of thing to learn. But I have enjoyed the whole process from the very beginning to the end. Thank you, Bonnie! This class is definately one of the best I have ever taken. It gave opportunity to learn Illustrator basics while working on the cool project. I am definately taking the following class of your's.


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