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RĂ³ger Zambrano

Industrial Designer



My first notebook, my first skillshare project!

This is my first notebook, and my first skillshare project.

I came to my hometown this holiday season and took advantage of the opportunity to take some old materials from when I was studying and put together my first notebook.

Among my old stuff I got some cardboard and some old posters I collected on a to Argentina ten years ago, the one I found the most interesting is a one ink screen printing of one the main avenues of Buenos Aires in the 50's, so I decided to use it in the project.

I took the best part of the poster to make the endsheets.

Instead of covering all the cover I decided to just take a cut of some of the buildings of the poster and leave oil cardboard color that I like.

On the spine of the notebook I used electrical tape, is the only material I had on hand, and I think the color goes great with the poster.

Since I was in college I always used paper, cardboard and some staples to build my own notebooks, thanks Caleb for the amazing class!... Now I have real notebooks!


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