My first mandala

My first mandala - student project

This was quite more fun than I expected it to be! In my sketchbook I drew my first mandala with micron pens (005, 03 and 08). Then I scanned the image and colored the print of that because I quite liked the black and white mandala and didn't want to screw it up :-) Sadly the printpaper wasn't the best quality so when I used my artline stix brush pens the paper tended to get satured quite quickly. Maybe I'll just color in the original after all, since that was drawn of thicker paper of better quality. Fun fact: My kids were really excited about coloring a mandala that I drew :-)


Here's the scan of my black and white mandala:

My first mandala - image 1 - student project


And here's the printout of it that I colored. I guess I'm ready for Spring, the colors and colorcombination remind me of Spring!

My first mandala - image 2 - student project