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Luis Vasquez

Welcome to the 3D World!



My first logotype - My name

Hello world!

My name is Luis. I am computer animator student, but since I am a kid i always wanted to become a designer. My background is totally 3D and my drawing skills are better for anatomy and characters. I didn't have too much information about design world till i arrived to this Website, and It is a magical world!. I hope to learn a lot and also this site give a different perspective view to see my major as well learn about the design world.

I have to say thank you to Ray Dombroski for give this big introduccion to Logotype design.

Now, time to show my first logotype. I follow every step. I am a bit busy for make some changes so I did exactly what he did, but I will try a new logotype later.

First Sketches:






the creation process in AI:


the colorways:


Final Result:


I didn't explain the process because it's the same as Ray did. This is the first time that I do this kind of things with AI. Like i said I will do a new one with my own style and adding the new techniques that i learned.

I will appreciate your comments and feedbacks! Thank you!


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