My first goals

Well, this is kind of hard for me because I always have so many ideas! But I'll try to focus on what I think is most important right now.

  • By March 1st, 2016, I will be able to easily remember new Russian words and grammar, and have a good basic knowledge so I can have better grades at the Russian course in college.
  • By March 11, 2016, I will improve my German vocabulary and speak fluently (stutterless) so I can better teach the language to my students, and better motivate them to learn the language.
  • By February 29, 2016, I will read nonfiction books and articles at 800 wpm so I can learn more about web design and web development.
  • By April 17, 2016 (my birthday!) I will be fluent in JavaScript and will be able to fully develop a web application.


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