Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design



My first food sketch Rosé All Day Jello


Maybe this is not a real food, but I was just inspired with inspiration photo, and I did just make a sketch my way. I still plan to make a recipe sketch, but that will take me much longer.
Before I even start this amazing recipe project (I do think about food all the time)...I would like to share my sketch. 

It's made my way, and I did use it for celebrating my class 100+ students, and prepare a challenge for them. To draw together for a week. We will see how it will come out, but I'm exited.


pencil and ink....


The important was I did so enjoy in drawing food, that I definitely need to continue with this.

PS what I did also learn with this experience is that I don't even like computers font's here, so I will need to play with hand-lettering in the future too.


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