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My first first steps...

25.06 - Ok, with every new sketch it's becoming more and more intresting... Found a lot of books about fashion illustration... Reading, trying... It seems to be my new hobby!


Today I decided to start my project. I never studied how to draw and I was never able to draw a person. So this will be my real first steps in drawing...

Illustration 1. 

Step 1.

Step 2. Oh, it was not easy))))) But here is the first sketch =) 

Step 3. Here is the colored sketch.. The biggest problem was shadows.. not like it has to be, but the first attempt...

Illustration 2.

Step 1.

Step 2. Ok, proportions are better... this sketch took less time (not the whole day =) )

Step 3.  The bag I like most of all - It's the best in this illustration)))) Shadows in color are still not right..

Illustration 3.

Illustration 4. Experimenting... 

Illustration 5. 


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