Desirey Wester

Designer wanting to brush up on skills



My first ever UI design

I am glad I took this class. I have a great love for print and packaging design and layout, so it's great to know that you can apply the same principles to UI. I thought I would get into UI to better understand the industry and the trade. Since not many printing jobs are available anymore and you have to have extensive knowledge in packaging these days, I decided to get into UI. As I said I'm thankful for this class and hope to further learn on the tools, as in InVision and XD. Anyway here's my very first UI design. Any comments are appreciated. 

I found this ugly UI via a simple google search. My way of thinking was that they really didn't need that sort of calculator-esque way of putting in numbers since we already have a keyboard come up anytime we need to enter something into a textbox. (if the function allows it, anyhow. This is old UX from what it looks like. ) I took the principles and I simplified as much as possible. that ugly yellow is now a pure white (ffffff) and I used the 2 different blue tones found in the gradient that says "Flooring". I left that alone because I wanted to focus on what the user was going to do with this design. So everything under that bar was changed.

I know that too much detail is not good when it comes to icons. I just wanted to explain that I wanted to differentiate "tile" from "area". Another thing is, ignore the black line around the white area below the bar. It was just for my own reference. c08700e9


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