My first envelope :)

So I couldn't wait to buy the nice chalk pens you talked about, and went to Hobby Lobby and Michael's to get what they had to offer.  Word of advice... wait for the good pens... the cheap ones definitely dont' work as well.  

I did many different outlines for my envelope (i didn't take pictures of all of them), but the fancier I wanted to get, the more I realized I needed more than just 2 chalk markers and I was on a time crunch so I just did the same lay out that Erik showed.  I feel like I am not showing my creative side, but for my first envelope I am pretty happy with the outcome.  My chalkpen was not opaque enough to cover up the pencil outline that I had put on the envelope so I had to free hand it :(  I was also a little anxious about using too much tracing paper, not because I am green but because I am cheap!  Here are my steps and final project :) I hope she enjoyed getting it in the mail!  It was for a baby shower, so pink was fitting.  


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