My first editorial illustration - US Economic Growth


So this is my first editorial illustration project. I picked the US economic growth article as I felt that starting with something difficult might help to make other articles easier in comparison. And this IS hard indeed!

Below are my first few notes and doodles, followed by some rough sketches (I drew 14 in total but am only showing my top 5 favourites). Feel free to let me know which one you like best. Alternatively, if I don't get any "AD criticism" I'll pick my own top favourite.

A bit embarrassed showing work at such a raw stage and scared about coming up with an actual illustration, but I get this is the point of the exercise.


Notes and initial doodles


Top 5 favourite sketches



Okay, so I've been my own art director and sent myself back to work as I felt that I wasn't quite there yet. And I was right to do so because I like the ideas I came up with today much better. I sketched 8 new images and here is the one I settled for (I spare you the sketches that enabled me to get there):


DAY 3 - The 'big fail'

After facing several problems with my illustration and trying different colour palettes while trying to maintain my usual style I had to come to the conclusion that it was just not working and that if this had been a real assignment, I would have failed miserably.

Below some of my unfinished attempts:



DAY 4 

I decided to give myself another chance, because who likes failure? So I cheated and allowed myself to work on a few different concepts. I know, if this had been a real assignment my Art D would have probably not been very happy with me, or he/she wouldn't have allowed it altogether.

Besides my clear composition and planning problems, I think that my main issue was that I cared a bit too much.

So today I followed Ed's advice to not care so much. And it worked. I mean you might not be a big fan of my illustration but that's my interpretation!



Past the disappointment resulting from my failure to finish on time and to finish the illustration I had initially selected, I am really glad that this was practice and not a paid assignment. And I am glad that I got to learn so much in the process. 

I will definitely do my best to plan my illustrations more carefully in the future and will probably make an effort to have a good, 'calm' think about what I am about to propose instead of getting all overexcited like I was.


Ed, thank you very much for your class! I loved it! :)


I got some feedback that confirmed my own thoughts: the red used in the background was probably not quite right to convey the positive message of the article. So I tried a blue and a green version.



Which one do you like best?


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