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My first doodling experiment


I started doodling shapes as in video and here what I`ve got:

  • at first it might be caterpillar, but then I thought why not draw more legs, than decided make a scorpion tail. So at the finish happened some fantasy creature/monster
  • than I drew this guy lying and resting in the armchair. It seems he is so tired that can not move
  • than made waiter robot. I think he lost his tray with dishes and now feels leatlebit upset.
  • Snake twisting hourglass
  • and finally space foot-soldier which is looking into the distance


At 2nd exercise I decided to draw PIZZA (while drawing just expected courier))


At 3d I looked around my room and the first I saw my HDD. There is a story about it.


Strange, I newer doodling before and it become very interesting challenge. Thanks for tutorial!)


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