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My first doodle project

I am a graphic design student, I'm nearing the end of my long [three month] summer break, and I really haven't been using the spare time to my advantage. I very recently - within the last week - bought my first Mac, and on the first day of using it I discovered Skillshare, I found this great class by Jon Burgerman and thought I'd test it out as my first project. Despite being a graphics student I am not that knowlege about illustrator or photoshop, and the fact I've not done anything over summer and changed from windows to mac has put me at a complete loss on how anything works. 

I started with some very loose doodles, eyes closed, pen to paper and letting whatever flow.


I just did this in biro because it was the nearest writing implement I had. I followed this up by some free flowing sqaure shapes, again with my eyes cloes, just to see what came out on the paper...


I finally drew one more doodle-esque piece, I think I had my eyes open but wasn't focussed on what I was drawing too much, it has a little more structure to it than the first one, but still not much there.


So before starting the actual project piece I left it a few days because I wasn't getting inspired [a common problem]. I wanted to make something for my brother's upcoming birthday but I honestly couldn't think of anything. I also just wanted to do the project so I would know what to do for next time, so I just drew a very basic and terrible ugly piece.  

[The image is actually from after I went over it in photoshop]. Very terrible, probably copyright infrigment with the pokemon too. Here is the final piece after wards...


 I really enjoyed the project, and the videos were ace too. This was the first time I've drawn and digitised my own work, and it's always been a problem I've struggled with so I'm glad I finally found out how to do it. I hope one day my work is much better than this, and that I can also find a sharpie in my hour of need as I couldn't this time. 


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