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Ana Menezes

Carioca designer and bookbinding enthusiast



My first digital painting

I've always wanted to dig into digital painting, and I drawing portraits on pencil so this class was perfect for me. I just started my painting and I'm going to post every step of the way. Hope you enjoy it.

So this is the portrait I am using as a base to my illustration. I got it from Pinterest.


I started making alterations to the layout, the hair, and cropping the image. Right now I'm deciding which of the options below I like the most to develop the portrait. I'm open to suggestions :)





I started working on the last option, so I used the angled strokes filter and posterized another version. Using the posterized one as a reference was a great way to start.


The next image is my result so far...I'm still at the beginning. I just used the posterized image as a reference to get the values on place.


Detailing the eyes...


So here's my result! It looks like someone different than the girl from the original photo, but I like it and am very proud of it. I just went free with the hair and wasn't too stuck to the original texture.



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