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My first design project...ruining business cards

Being that this is my first shot at really following any type of design rules or class, you'll have to forgive me lack of skill or talent. Now onto the part where I burn your eyes with the hideousness that will hopefully become something cool later on.

I used the Open Sans font for all three concepts.

#1: Something simple nothing out of the ordinary, even boring. I tried using a grid system that would contain all the details to the middle of the card while highlighting the name at the top.

#2 Again tried to keep all the details in the middle while highlighting the name. I'm not sure how I feel about the name being split on each end of the card but I tried to go for something a little bit different.

#3 I tried moving away from having the info in the center of the card and tried to bring the name back together this time. The last name is just a bigger font size but otherwise the same weight.


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