My first cinemagraph

My first cinemagraph - student project

My first cinemagraph - image 1 - student project

Hello guys!

I have already downloaded the app and will start answering the questions to define what the cinemagraph will be about.

Really excited to get started and looking forward to seeing the end result!

  1. Do you prefer outdoors or indoors?

I love being indoors but i also enjoy traveling to new places 

  1. What is your favorite hobby that your friends know that you like to do?

My favorite hobbies include reading, learning history, music and trying new food

  1. What is your favorite color? 

Its changes a lot, right now i like mint and caramel

  1. What is your favorite physical attribute of yourself? (your hair, your abs, your perfect eye brows, an interesting looking mustache, you name it).

My hair and my freckles 



Catherine Hernandez

Forever a Student