Laura CN

Learning GD myself



My first business card

Hi there SkillShare world! So this is the first project I make here, my first business card and also the first thing I ever design. I hope you enjoy it and I will be very thankful to receive some feedback to communicate better my ideas.

1st Stage

I share with you my best four ideas so you can see its progress. I wanted to communicate my love for typography and B&W photography using only black and white for the design. 


For accomplish that I choose to use my initials make it them more big, and playing around with different types. I love scrips and very elegant and slender type. So I choose to make a very big, beautiful "L" so that's the first thing anyone could appreciate when they saw my card. 


But I will like to make it more colorful and maybe design a logo playing with this "L" and some "laureles" related to my name. So I will working on the final card. See you in a few days with my last design! Thanking you very much for seeing the project! Have a beautiful day!


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