My first animated icons!

My first animated icons! - student project

Hello Megan,


Note: Just reposting, as I am trying to add the gif direct into the post.


First of all - thank you for taking the time to share your expertise and experiences in all your classes. Your instructions are so clear and easy to follow that you have really given me the confidence that I can over time, learn and achieve some mastery in AE.

I'm predominantly self taught too...and have been wanting to tackle AE for sometime.

I have watched a number of your classes and can say I have enjoyed and gained so much from them all. I will add projects for them too eventually, but these were the ones I finished first as this was the best 'beginner' class for me.

I look forward to more of your classes as you add them!

So my icon set will potentially be used in maybe instagram posts for my friends small business, where she provides personalised support to expats relocating countries.



I did alter the clipboard when I got to AE..



Thank you for the great class!


Maike x

Maike Hale
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