My first Procreate project - potted succulents

My first Procreate project - potted succulents - student project


This was a huge learning experience for me. The class was PACKED with great tips about how things work in Procreate. But since this was my first time using this program I was still a little lost on how to actually draw something. Maybe if I used Photoshop it would have been more intuitive or obvious. So I watched another Skillshare class first by Nina Rycroft “Learn to Use Procreate Design and Illustrate a Bear Character” and that did the trick. Now there’s no stopping me on Procreate! No supplies, no clean up and I can draw on the couch after dark - I’m hooked! I will definitely be taking more Procreate classes. And more of Brooke’s classes - love her teaching style and her art!

A link to my video is below and if it doesn’t work it is also on my instagram @joannacrone. Just figuring out how to post it was a lot of work lol.



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