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My first Photo Zine

I have to admit I am in love with Zines. I just love to come up with ideas to fill them and to put my own illustrations or photos into them. This is my first photo Zine I edited it with Photoshop.

On pinterest I found a photo from an old magazine. It's a psychological study about smokers. I think the conclusion the psychologist takes from the hand position is really interesting and also a bit funny. I just had to include it into a Zine! I am also thinking to give them to some smoking friends..


This is the cover I made with ink color and edited on my computer. But it think it still has a lot of the original texture and caused to my beginner Illustrator skills a handwritten look.


This is the cover and the back, I tried to keep it simple!


This is my complete Zine. I really like how it turned out in the end. It looks a bit like old political magazines that where spread to people.

I would love to get some feedback from you!


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