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My first 709 subscribers

I build my first list of subscribers in the self-help niche. I am a professional life coach and was looking for a way to utilize the power of the Internet to monetize my knowledge.

I put together a 20 pages eBook based on my experience, got my graphics done and just gave it a try with a landing page that I put together. I used the resources that Sandor and Rob recommend only.

Based on the instructions in this training, the landing page converted at 43% (I suppose this is really good) and the first 3 emails I sent made a decent amount of revenue. My net profit was around 445 dollars with a very small list of subscribers.

In the next days, I'll just use mu profit to buy more traffic and gradually increase the profit that I make :-)

I also really liked the Facebook Traffic Workshop! I am a FB marketing newbie as well, but that's the next thing that I'll try. Wish me luck!


PS: Since everyone shares screenshots of their success, here's mine :-)


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