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My favourtie actor's fashion

Hello guys! This is my first zine (and first class ever on skillshare!), but Kate is right, I'd love to make more zines after this!

This zine is about clothings and accessories of my favourite actor, Richard Armitage.  I originally intended to draw everything on a postcard when the idea first formed in my head.  After discovering this wonderful class, I was like, why not make a zine? The items I wanted to draw would fit perfectly into the 8 pages framework and it'd help size down my ideas, focusing on the most unique ones.

So, here we go!



You may have noticed the only 2 pages that are coloured while the rest are in black/white.

My questions is: Is it better keep the colour consistent? Or this is fine like this too?

Thank you for viewing my work! I absolutely enjoyed making it :D


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