My favourites

My favourites - student project

This was an awesome opportunity to learn how to digitize my drawings as I LOVE working with ink and I didn't know how to use the paths and channels in Photoshop before.


Sketches in ink:

I don't use pencil too often, and I just randomly drew what was on my desk and picked a few items from the sketch to create my final piece.

My favourites - image 1 - student project


I also didn't really plan in advance on which ink splatter would likely compliment which object, so I just made a whole random bunch, (so I could also use in the other future projects) and made the selections afterwards.

Next time i think I will definitely plan more stuff in advance because the choosing stage took me longer than i'd wanted to to lol

My favourites - image 2 - student project




I am kind of frustrated with how the colors seem to change on my screen and on here. This happened with my other Photoshop projects :((

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Jpg file (saved in RGB) (Cooler yellow):

My favourites - image 3 - student project


Screenshots taken from my photoshop screen (warmer, yolk-yellow)

with Paper background:My favourites - image 4 - student project


Light Grey solid background:

My favourites - image 5 - student project


Candlelight because it's my favourite light to draw with. Raindrops because rain is my favourite weather to art in. 


Thank you Tom! 


Edit after Tom's Comment:


Saved JPEG from original PSD after simply switching to Monitor RGB : still saves as cool-yellow but show as this colour on photoshop work screen

My favourites - image 6 - student project


Saved JPEG from original PSD in Web CMYK: still saves as cool-yellow as well, but shows as warmer yellow on photoshop work screen.

My favourites - image 7 - student project


My deduction with this is:

  • a) I need to work with 'Monitor RGB' mode on from the beginning, if I want accurate colours with on-screen designs/digital printing.
  • b) In 'Web CMYK' mode, the colour that I see on my photoshop work screen is the program estimating what the colours will look like in real life if I were to print it out using traditional methods. On screen it will always look different from when it looks in CMYK mode.
  • (I am guessing on (b) so please correct me if I am wrong)


With this in mind, I turned on 'Monitor RGB' mode and manually changed my yellows to a warmer yellow and saved it as a JPEG:

...YAY it worked! I hope this helped others who were struggling as I was! Check out Tom's comments below for more info :))


My favourites - image 8 - student project



Edit 2: People who are confused like me, I recommend searching "gamut" on Skill Share