My favourite way to destress

My favourite way to destress  - student project

My name is Laetitia, I work as a therapist, and love to explore a lot of creative media and techniques. 

Being so drawn to explore my creativity and having access to many tools to handle stress, but having as well lots of reasons to struggle with it, I have a lot of experience in wrestling with my quite intense creative stress. I even recently wrote an article on 10 ways of dealing with stress and procrastination, which was a way to destress in itself. 

Mine usually expresses itself through procrastination, paralysing me, preventing me from either doing or finishing an art piece. 
My two worst triggers are losing control (it didn't go as planned) and facing the imperfection (it's ugly), often, they come side by side, those little devils!

My absolute favourite way to destress creatively is combinatory play.
Einstein coined the term, explaining how whenever he would be really stuck solving one of his equations and problems, he would play the violin for a few hours. By switching from one to another, it gave his brain some break and stimulation, helping him think things through a different angle, and resolving his previous issues. 

Since I am playing with a lot of media, I realised how, the more practice a little of all of them, the more creative and inspired I get in all of them, as if each practice was nourishing all the others too.
So if I'm stuck with my writing, I take a Skillshare class on painting or photography or drawing or anything I fancy that day, something that seems fun. Or I just start an abstract painting or doodle. Or I finish any other piece that seems easier and/or more attractive to me on the moment.

I deal the same way if I get really stuck on any of those, I will switch for a while on another medium and then go back. It helps persevering without making it too much of an ordeal. 

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Laetitia Phan
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