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My favourite vintage stores in Stockholm (& other places)

About my project

I love maps. City maps in thrifted guidebooks from the 60’s, handdrawn maps in modern magazines and stylish black and white maps on art walls. It’s always inspiring and makes me wanna go places and dream about adventures. I also love everything about vintage. Old dresses, sofas from the 30’s and hand decorated porcelain from the 50’s. It’s not only beautiful but a trend that is good for the environment.

I started a website that combines my two loves. This site is a guide to all vintage, thrift and antique stores in the different quarters of Stockholm. It’s under construction and in Swedish. A sneakpeak:

In this project I want to make a printable, personal guide map that you can put in your pocket when visiting a city. A map with the best vintage shopping and other places you don’t want to miss. Where to get a perfect coffee, see good architecture and have a sunny lunch. A complement to the online interactive map but more like a friend.

I have never drawn anything before, so this will be fun (i hope...)!  

My pinterest board dedicated to maps: maplove 


6 mars: Digital map

I copied a small part of a neighbourhood called Södermalm: Mariatorget. I used a print screen map and Illustrator. 


25 february: SKETCHES

First: I took the Bremen artists test and got 67% :)

Ok, here we go: Two sketches! First one is a map over a area calles Södermalm. I wanted to show where to find the best vintage stores and diveded the island into four main parts. The second map is a more detailed one over the area Mariatorget. 





Why am I making this map?
I’m making this map because I want to learn about making maps. And because I want an excuse to visit my favorite stores and begin to draw :)

Why am I the expert to create this map?
I know my way around in Stockholm and I visit a lot of vintage stores. I want to make a map for everyone that wants to explore vintage shopping as much as I do.

Who is my target audience?
Everyone who likes vintage shopping. Maybe in the city you live in or in a city you are visiting. My audience is emotional  rather than effective. I need to make the map in different languages: Swedish and English.

Do I want my final project to be printed or digital?
Digital. I want to put it on my website for people to print it. It will be a A4 / neighborhood to fit the pocket.

What level of detail do I need to include?
Street names
Short description
Color codes: areas
Subway stations
Key (ideas - don’t want to many ): clothes (women, men, children) small stuff, furniture, cheap, midrange, pricey

Dear class, I need your help/expertise/guidance .....
To tell me if my map is usable and looks good? If you have ideas on what I should add or delete? I’d love to hear your any of your thoughts! 




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