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My favorite part of the day

Morning is my favorite part of the day. I actually look forward to getting up early just to have time to drink my first cup of coffee enjoying every-single-sip of it. 

And then breakfast. I will tell you one little secret: I l-o-v-e breakfast. As for me, happiness can be measured in good coffee cups, sunny mornings and tasty and healthy banana bread :) 

So, as a photographer, I enjoy taking photos of the things I love. You guess what's that? It's coffee, of course. Lots of coffee. And ocasionally breakfasts. You can see that just scrolling through my Instagram account (@coffeeandcinnamon)

So here I share with you my favorite ones. Enjoy your coffee ;) 

This one is for the festive mood...who says you can't have cookies for breakfast? :) 


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