My favorite book

My favorite book - student project

Where the Wild Things Are


My first manuscript  -- I word count is 612 but now that I read it out loud and have watched more, I need to rewrite and edit. 


First title was too long--- 

Title is

We Have Bees — We’ve Got Bees

Mom, mom, come look! What is going on out there?” Carly yelled.

“Oh no, look at all the bees!” Mom said.

“ We need to call someone to help.” Mom said.

Carly said. “ Let’s google someone.”

They found Best Bee Removal.

The bee man drove up in a big white truck. His truck had a bee on the side. It looked like a honeybee. He was here to help mom with he bees swarming outside the back door. Mom and Carly showed the bee man the backyard .

After he looked around the backyard, he came to the front door. “Do you think we have a hive?” Mom asked.

I didn’t see one, but there is a hole on the outside of the wall. The bees are flying in and out of the hole,” said the bee man. 

“The bees could be making a hive inside the wall. Let’s find out,” said the bee man.

“This is how we can tell,” the bee man said. “Place your hands on the wall and feel if the wall turns warm.”

“The bees are making their hive right here where it is warm,” the bee man explained.

The bee man put on his white coveralls.

Then he put on his big boots.

He put on a big hat with a big net.

“What’s the net for?” asked Carly

“The net is to protect my face from getting stung by the bees.” the bee man said.

He put on his big glove. 

After all that, Carly said, “ You look like a space man.”

His truck was full of special tools for his job. He got out a big bucket and a saw. He also got out a  big shop vacuum cleaner.

“You have a shop vac just like my dad,” Carly squealed.

“What are you going to do with that?” Carly asked.

“Come and watch.” said the bee man.

When he turned on the vacuum, it went roared! He put the hose into the hole where the bees were flying and suck out the bees.

Then he took the saw and cut the hole in the wall.

“There’s your hive,” the bee man said as he pointed to the hive in the wall.

“Look that’s where the bees live!” Carly yelled.

The bee man cut the hive out of the wall.

He put the honeycomb in a jar for Carly and her mom.

“Have you ever eaten a honeycomb?” he asked.

“No! I didn’t know you could eat the honeycomb,” Carly said.

He brought the jar over to the picnic table and opened it.

“Cut off a small piece and eat it,” the bee man said. “It’s better if you cut off some of the wax that holds in the honey.” he explained.

“This doesn’t tastes like honey form the store, but it is good.” Carley smiled.

The bee man wasn’t finished.

Carly and her mom watched while the bee man went back to work. He patched up the hole inn the wall.

“What happened to all the bee?” Carly asked.

“They are in the vacuum cleaner,” the bee man said.

“Will the bees be okay?” Carly asked.


“ What are you going to do with them?” asked Carly

“ I’m going to put them in truck and take the out the country to a bee farm and let them go.” said the bee man.

“A bee farm?” asked Carly.

“I didn’t know bees lived on farms. Thank you for taking my bees out to the country to a farm.”

“Mom, can we go to the farm and visit my bees?” asked Carly.

“We will see if we can do that someday.” said mom.

Karen Brake Barge
Artist, Illustrator, & Graphic Design