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My family life as a comic by mglcano


so if you asked me when I was a kid what I was going to be when i grew up i would have said cartoonist without skipping a beat. thirty years later I'm thinking its time to give it a go.

I have a four year old son, who says the darnest things. I'm hoping to use this cartoonist urge i'm experiencing to capture some of what I hear on a day to day basis for posterity / therapy.

OK. here goes.. assignment 1

My model sheet is below. I followed your suggestion and went with the round face. The side view is the most challenging for me for some reason. I put the face on layer and iterated quite a few times. 
Your process has been a lot of fun so far. I'm looking forward to the next step. Let me know where you see some opportunities for refinements.

Happy Friday everyone!

I've been busy working all afternoon *ahem* on my comic :) first draft below. lemme know what you think!

oh my garsh... my very first web comic?!?!?!? could it be?!?!?! 

All right - well... I was very happy to have finished a web comic (thanks to Sarah!) but I thought I could improve the design of my characters and sort of give my family a design language if that makes sense. Here are my updated models sheets for my son Max, my wife Lee and myself. By the way, my wife doesn't know I'm doing this. I kind of want to surprise her with a valentines comic... clock is ticking i know... wish me luck!

Here is my son

Here is my wife - still haven't quite nailed down her hair, could use some tips..

Here is an updated version of me - I changed my outfit to something I pretty much wear everyday.

And this is the whole clan together... Sarah.. I'm having so much fun doing this... you have no idea. thank you!!!!

here is my valentines comic - keeping it nice and simple..

Lee loved the comic - was a total surprise.. tears were involved. :) success!

I also setup a tumblr account which can be found here. Sarah, I'll post my tumblr link to the discussion post you setup. My latest comic is below.

Best of luck to all! I plan to check back and follow fellow classmates on tumblr.



-- update below for the contest (and to just say hi :] ) --

a few favs from my tumblr :)






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