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My family crest

My family and inspiration

When I started this project I thought of all those little things that define my family and specially those that were very important to me and my sister when we were kids. I've made a crest considering my two family names (my mother's and my father's).

Our dog Arnold

I can't think of my childhood without remembering our lovely boxer dog, Arnold, although he is not with us anymore, we'll always remember him. Here is a photo of him.


He was so important to us that I decided to draw him as our protector in the family crest.

Vacation on the beach

Then I remember all those summers with my family in the beach, and especially the Mayarco beach in Saint Jean de Luz. I remember going there with my parents and sister and doing body board in its waves. Amazing times!


So I decided to include a wave in honor of all those moments.

Freshly baked loaf

Until my sister and I became older, we used to go to my grandparents' home every saturday to have dinner with them. One of the things I remember most was the big loaf they always had for dinner. It was delicious and when it was freshly baked you can't resist it. That's why I decided to include a freshly baked loaf to our family crest.

The Yin-Yang

My father has been practicing Kung Fu since he was young. He has shared with my sister and me many moments related with martial arts. He used to read us The Journey to the West and many stories about The Monkey King. We grew up seeing all Jackie Chan movies, specially the chinese ones.

Now my parents have their own Kung Fu school and is amazing to see both of them practicing martial arts. So that's why I think the Yin-Yang is part of my family's history.

The hockey

I've skate since I have memories, I love skating and I love playing hockey although at this point I only do skating, but it's part of me. When my sister and I were younger my dad opened a skate store, I had very good times in there. We used to see all NHL games, play in a hockey team, train kid teams, etc. Also amazing memories!

So I decided to include a stick and a puck to remember our relation and love to hockey. The star of the background is in tribute to my dad's skate store which was called North Star and had a star in its logo.

The process 

First of, I thought about what I wanted to illustrate in my family's crest and decided to proceed with the ideas I explained before.

Then I did a very quick sketch with the main ideas.


I liked it, so I did a new sketch, bigger and with more details.


Once I got this sketch I started with the vectorization. I've used simple shapes for creating almost everything you can see.


After that, I made some proofs of contrast with black/white/grey areas and with another laurel. You can see some of them here.


Then I picked which I liked the most, made some minor tweaks and decided to finish it using only one color. I chose purple because this color is related with imagination and spirituality and generally in my family we are a bunch of dreamers :)


Final thoughts

I've enyojed a lot doing this family crest, because it has allow me to take a minute to remember all those happy moments of my life with my family and how much they mean to me.

I hope you like it. Comments are very welcome! :)


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