My family crest

My family crest - student project

The design is based on the Japanese crest design called "Mon". While this is not exactly what's been asked as the final deliverable for this class, this design is more appropriate for me who is from Japan.

Design: The poppy flower (oriental poppy) represents my grandfather who loved and draws them as a painter. The flower and the rice stalk (we love rice, of course!) are incorporated to represent my family and origin.

Color: The colors I picked are based on the traditional Japanese color palette which is little desaturate and calm. The red is for my grandfather's favorite color for the poppies he loved so much. 

My family crest - image 1 - student project

While the first design meets more of the class requirements, I personally prefer this version more because it's more similar to the traditional Japanese crest design. It's simple and just black and white. 


My family crest - image 2 - student project

This is an alternative option. It was toss-up between the first design for this class assignment.


Thank you for reading through my design concepts!!