My experience?

My experience? - student project

Liquid text. Had fun)

My experience? - image 1 - student project

Flag was smth difficult for me to understand. The problem is the right end of the flag. If you're reading, could you give an advice about the right side of the flag?

My experience? - image 2 - student project

Walk cycle was the most interesting) I created my own character (Stone golem). It was the first time I animated a character without linework, which is a big plus. I know the upper body moves kinda strange, but it was done intentionally XD

My experience? - image 3 - student project

In conclusion, I wanna say that this course is really helpful and gives a good foundation for a beginner animators. I wanna thank Johanimation for this great course and I will, of course, take his other lessons (looking forward to it).

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Assylzhan Omarov
Wannabe artist and animator