My exercise and diet shall overpower my sweet tooth forever!

Where shall I start? My diet or exercise? Both!
I grew up with a belly fat and my family always told me it's just baby fat and it'll eventually go away. It never did. It's still currently there and I think with all the sweets I normally eat, it just doesn't help at all! Grrr!

I have a really bad sweet tooth, so I'm hoping over time with some support and with my positive and little changes towards my goal it'll eventually cut down and I won't crave as bad. I honestly can't completely cut sweets out. Even if I tried! This time the change I'll do is make my own desserts! As I heard Stevia is better and using Greek Yogurt as a substitute :)

My goals:

- Finish school, party less and become a workaholic just to be more occupied. Putting all priorities first

- Workout for an hour and a half at least, 4 up to 6 days a week.

- Change my workout routine every couple days or so, whatever works. (Gym, yoga, boxing..etc)

- Become more responsible and less lazy. Just get up, and do it!

- Bring my mom out to the gym more to motivate her for her upcoming Wedding in September!! It'll definitely motivate myself too, can't let one person only do the hard work!

- Write up a nutrition plan of what should be eaten and cooked for a 5 meal course. Everyday.

- Clear out that god damn fridge of fithly filthy food that's bad for your body! And to fill it with loads of healthy food :) New grocery shopping list must be made asap.

- Must loose that flab/fat for good this time for the upcoming 2013 summer! About time I'll be swimming again :D

- Must get a body like Victoria Secret models..my idolzzzz and motivations <3


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