Shannon Foster

Always wanting to learn something new.



My envelope practice

Hmmmm. Well I am not sure envelope addressing is in my future. I write too big.

I didn't have 20 envelopes I could spare just for practice and money is tight right now so some of them I did on plane 32lb laser paper. The white ones are A2 size. The smaller purple are 4.75 x 6.5 and the larger purple are 5.25x7.25. I tried out a couple different styles and inks.

Just realized I forgot to cross the A on the Phoebe Smith envelope in the picture below.


NO matter what size envelope I tried I couldn't get the last name on the first line.Below is a 5.25x7.25 envelope. What is it proper etiquette in regards to Mr and Mrs vs Mr & Mrs on wedding invitations???



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