My dream home

My dream home - student project

My dream home needs to be situated amidst the mountains and the stars, whether big or small!  It was so fun to envision my future home and thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks for such a fun class Cat! :)


Original illustration with the 70s color palette:

My dream home - image 1 - student project

 Some color variations: Option 1

My dream home - image 2 - student project


Color Variation 2:

My dream home - image 3 - student project


Color Variation 3:

My dream home - image 4 - student project


Color Variation 4:

My dream home - image 5 - student project


One final mockup :p

My dream home - image 6 - student project
I did more color options, but I thought I would stop posting with 4 for now :p

Hope you come back with another fun Procreate class like this, until then,




PS:Mock up credits from Unsplash!

Aparna Ramesh
Partime Illustrator/Fulltime art admirer