My dream creative career

My dream creative career - student project

Hi Ohn Mar,

Thank you very much for a very honest and in-depth course. I am amazed by your persistence and talent. Such a pleasure to learn about your journey and see your work. 


I got a bit too excited while putting together a pinboard (it have more than 120 pins). But it gave me a good perspective on what I like. I am drawn to botanical & natural subjects, fantasy worlds, fairy tales and stories. Women or children are often the subjects.  Light, colourful esthetic with attention to detail and sprinkles of humour is very much in line with my character. 


I am currently at the beginning of my illustration career as a freelancer. Thinking of a dream work I would love to do projects for big companies that share my values - like Google, Airbnb,, Origins cosmetics etc. I would like to work on diverse projects, working in a variety of mediums - from traditional to digital, from print making to painting, from murals to packaging, bringing a message of joy and love. I also would love to help other people find their creative sides. It would be great to organize art vacations and residencies in beautiful places around the world.


To enable the lifestyle I want, I think the most important next action is to start building passive income streams. I have client commissions for design work and illustrations but it will be great to get more independence and level up my work. Below is the spider chart with the steps I am planning to take. 


If you have any tips or advice, I would really appreciate it. Big thanks again for the amazing course and chance to review and set my creative goals. 


My works at



My dream creative career - image 1 - student project

Darya Solomenko
Dublin based Designer & Illustrator