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Nicola Rowe

Artist & illustrator



My dream career as a Surface Pattern Designer

Hello everyone, I wanted to share what i have created so far from this course.....

My dream career is to be a surface pattern designer. After writing my mission statement,  i set about finding info and images for my moodboard that would both give me a plan to work to but also inspire me when im feeling stuck, so it was good to see it come together. I am hoping to keep this somewhere that i can see it regularly so i know what i need to do next in order to reach my goals.

My Mission statement:

"I am a Surface Pattern designer who uses a variety of shapes, colours and textures
to create beautiful patterns to decorate surfaces. My patterns provide vibrancy and visual enjoyment."


On my moodboard i have included all the things that are inmportant to me, such as spending more time with my family but also things like companies i would like to create patterns for and what magazines i would like to be featured in, in order to get myself 'out there' in the first place.

Below are some close ups of parts of my moodboard. Firstly some of the magazines, i would like to feature in:


Then some of the fabric companies and high street stores i would like to work with/for:


Some surface pattern design ecourses i would like to do:


I have also included some online ecourses in pattern design that i would like to study in the near future. I have really enjoyed creating this moodboard and its good to be able to see whats important. I am hoping to make a plan of what i need to do in order to make my dream career become a reality in the future.

I shall add more as i go along, so this is a work in progress! 

Thanks for looking :)


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