My dream cafe.. The Daily Drop

My dream cafe.. The Daily Drop - student project

I love coffee, and some day would love to open my own cafe where I roast and prepare the best coffee around. For my project I imagined what a monthly report would look like for The Daily Drop, especially focussing on how the entire team would be up to date on everything going on within our thriving small business.

Here's a link to the Trello board:

Aside from organizing everything in Trello, I like to keep a daily to do list on a piece of scratch paper in my pocket, or in a small notebook. Something that I can have on hand and quickly jot down notes in. 

Every day I also spend the first hour of each morning with a great cup of coffee, and pure focus. This allows me not only to plan out the day ahead, but also project the oncoming week, month, and year.  Having that regular focus on my goals helps me to achieve a more productive lifestyle, because I know what I both want and need to get done to achieve those goals!

Tell me more about your productivity system! 

Brian Cervino
Product Marketing Manager at Trello