Nicola Rowe

Artist & illustrator



My doodles to end design

My finished design below. Read on to see how i came up with it and the process i followed.


I started off by following Jon's instructions and doodling with my eyes shut, as my warm up exercises.




Next I did some dooling with my eyes open and took a little longer than before but still going quite quickly and just going with my instincts.



I then started to slow down quite a bit and really thought about what it was that i wanted to doodle/sketch. If i thought "I want to draw a circle" I did. I drew whatever shapes or lines came to me at that precise time. I didnt question it, i just drew it and had faith in myself that something i could use would come out of all of it.

I then came upo with my final design, although still a bit rough. The next stage for me was to redraw it and make some of the lines thicker/darker so i could scan it into the computer.


After tweaking the design a little bit and making some of the lines darker and thicker. I scanned into the computer and tweaked a bit more before putting into Illustrator to colour. Im really pleased with my design. Its not something i would of thought about doing, and having done Jon's class i now have a few more skills and techniques i can use when i get stuck of what to draw!


My finished design below.




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