Amanda Leticia

graphic designer & photographer



My doodles!

What I loved the most about this class was to let go of any judgments as I doodle :)

Here are my larger doodles, my experiments as I try to leave my hands and my heart as free as possible.


After practicing patterns and composition with these doodles, I tried my first big doodle!

I made it as I listened to Tame Impala :)

I feel like it's quite messy, but I sure learned a lot about doodling and I had a great time making it.


After making my first big doodle, I started a new one. I decided to let it grow from the inside to the outside of the paper.

I wrote something I said as I was doodling (in Portuguese), about how I was feeling like a rollercoaster that day. I think that "feeling like a rollercoaster" has a lot to do with my doodle: the blacks and whites, the rounds and the points, ups and downs, everything together and balanced in one doodle.

I was surprised about how much my feelings influenced my hands and my mind. It made me really happy to see I could understand my feelings better as I let my mind free of any pressure as drawing.


I made a little mistake on my doodle above, as I was filling in the black on the right side of the paper. But I liked that mistake, it brought some caos to the image and made it more interesting. This mistake inspired me to make a new doodle!

Art on the Fridge was also a huge source of inspiration! I love her doodles with cats, so I doodle some cats in my art as well :)



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